Kanon 9, Dante 4

July 7th, 2008, 6:41 pm

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Author's Comments:

anime1addict, July 7th, 2008, 6:44 pm

D'; this page looks so shitty, i appologize.

oh oh Dante got buuurned owo oh dear

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User's Comments:

Ninjury, July 7th, 2008, 6:48 pm

LMAO, that's one way to get a point across xD go kanon woop woop~

FireFoxxLiciXOXO, July 7th, 2008, 7:44 pm

his hand is smoking D:

Pawky!, July 7th, 2008, 7:49 pm

Huurrrr. That's what he gets. NO MEANS NO.

owo Mmm, the power to control fire. More useful than mace any day.

MakiTakami, July 7th, 2008, 8:11 pm

I adore Kanon. He´s so cool *_*

Kitsune of the Sun, July 7th, 2008, 8:26 pm

Kanon's smirk!! xD Made me laugh so much!
Dante would you like some ointment for that burn! *shot* xwx

Goddess Ace, July 7th, 2008, 10:11 pm

This power of Kanon's give me bad thoughts... very bad and naughty thoughts xD

peculiarities, July 8th, 2008, 4:47 am


That's what you get.owo"

I wonder if Dante will take the hint..XDDD

io99asai, July 8th, 2008, 5:02 am

GAHH!!! Oh, my goafer! I lulz! Dante's so effin hot!

MissWafflez, July 8th, 2008, 3:13 pm

-laughing ass off-

I love Kanon's smirk there...that was amazing. xD

Spazington, July 8th, 2008, 3:37 pm

XDD Lolol, that smirk xD

ZerGhostRei (Guest), November 6th, 2009, 8:46 pm

I couldn't help but think Kanon looked like sasuke there ehehe. love this comic, on to the next page! *clicks next*

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