June 7th, 2008, 3:11 pm


first of all, ^^; most of the joining stuff is on the front page....but i'd like to put some more stuff here, just basic facts you need to know if you're an author ^^

All of the students at Malpa Roran stay in dorms and are forbidden to leave campass grounds, all but the special-exception students.

No one knows what makes the 'special-exception' students so special, and there arn't many of them.

At this point there are no school uniforms

No one but the students and staff know about what goes on in the school

All students and staff are forbidden to speak about what happens on grounds

There is barely any contact between the students and everything beyond the ground's gates (all except the special-exception cases)

The only contact between students and family is through letters that are gone over by staff bfore sent out (except for the special-exception case, of course ^^;)

errr...at the moment that basically covers it ^^; ahha and if you're an author, please no more than 5 characters, and please don't make to many special-exception students...or else they wouldn't be special would they? ;)

hope you guys are okay with this uh...guidline thing ^^; have any issues please note me about them!!

OH and all authors will have at least one character added to the banner >w<

HAVE FUN!!! ^^


kitsune-prophet, May 13th, 2009, 8:46 pm

re: about joining ...I know it's been a while since this site has been active... but I happened upon this site and I've gotten interested in the comic. I kind of want to join in... would you contact me via email or AIM so I can either convince you to let me join up or you can tell me no? ^^


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